Shipping Containers For Sale Near Me – Tips on Buying a Shipping Vessel

If you are managing a business, where you handle shipment, deliveries or home moving, then you are required to have your own shipping containers. This is a durable storage box that can withstand a particular weight. It is used for moving or transporting various goods from one place to another. Let’s say that you are renting one every day. How much do you think will you spend for that in a month? Now, if you are going to buy your own, then you can save a lot. When you already have one, you can maximize its use for different projects.

Sometimes, it is not that easy to buy the one that will suit your business needs. Therefore, I suggest you to check the website here, when you have no time to visit the stores near your place. Buying a vessel for specific purposes is not that simple. You have to make sure that this will last longer because you will use this for transporting and carrying at the same time. Anyway, this is not the only thing that must be considered greatly.

You have to learn how to negotiate with the dealers or sellers of the containers, too. It is important that they are qualified and registered to sell such storage boxes, so that you can get the ones with good quality. Well, it would be great, if you can buy an item that is designed, following the international standards. This may just be a storage box, but be very sure that it’s worth the price because this is not as cheap as buying a piece of cake.


The very first thing that you need to do is to decide on the size of the storage that you would like to buy. Well, to help you decide with this, the things that you would like to store should be clearly defined first. What would you like to keep inside the box, anyway? The sizes of the containers vary from 20 to 40 feet. Actually, most sizes are available at 8, 10, 20, 24, 30, 40, 45, 48 and 53 feet HC or High-Cube.

But moving a storage is not that simple, too. You need a few machines or equipment for lifting. For example, you may be needing a forklift, crane, stacker and tow-truck as well. For example, a standard forklift can easily move 20’ HC, since this equipment can lift a total weight of 2300kg or 5000lbs. While a crane is needed to move 40’ HC.


New grade or one-trippers are, of course, an excellent choice because it is usually sent from the factory or manufacturer. Sometimes, these are even coming abroad and was sent to your local outlet. The certified grade or cargo worthy are the ones that are used for overseas shipping of goods.

While the wind and water grade or WWT are containers that are said to be in good condition. Of course, this is still used for various purposes. Lastly, we have the as-is grade, which is not really a good choice because it has rusts, pin holes and doors that cannot be sealed well. If you prefer a used one, then you may go for a WWT for a safer and cheaper choice.

Whatever the grade is, you will have to consider an aluminum over a steel material. Click here to learn more about how it was made.

Delivery Options

It is very important to consider the delivery of your order, too. You have to make sure that the container will be delivered through a delivery truck or a trailer. Your first option would be a flatbed tilt trailer, which is actually the most common type of deliver method, where they are going to load your item on the truck by sliding it off on your preferred location.

Another type of delivery option is simply a flatbed trailer, where a crane or forklift is used. Indeed, this is the cheapest method that you may want to avail. Lastly, we have the most expensive option, where a trailer with an integrated crane or a Hiab truck is used. This is the most convenient and the easiest method. I supposed, it is also the safest option to secure your item.

Where to Buy

Where would you like to buy your container, anyway? Your first option would be to check on the marketplace online. Pretty sure that there are products there for you to compare. In fact, this is easy, though sometimes, they have expensive offers.

Now, if there are freight brokers in your locality, then it would be fine to check their offers, too. These people will help you save time, money and effort. Lastly, you may go directly to various trucking companies in your area. When you know exactly what you are looking for, then it would be easier to directly deal with the owners.


Since you are asking for a dealer or the trucking company to deliver your container, you will have to deal with fuel and delivery expenses, too. You should know that when the cost of diesel or fuel is low, it means that the rate of transporting your order will be cheaper, especially if you have to pay for the fuel expenses. In my opinion, you should choose for a delivery date when the price of diesel is at its lowest rate. Through this, you can save some on your transportation expenses.

I supposed, you have the right to ask how they compute for the transport fee. Are they going to charge you per mile and how much would it cost? If the expenses for this activity will be too much, then you better negotiate about the fees.

Sometimes, you also need to pay other fees like taxes, drivers and facilities to be used. It won’t be a good deal, if you are going to spend too much for this. Make sure that everything, which concerns your spending are worth it. Therefore, try to find a vessel that is nearest to your drop-off site.

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