University of Phoenix Forges Agreement With Northwest Career College to Make Degree Programs More Accessible

In October 2022, University of Phoenix announced its latest transfer pathway agreement with a community college. The agreement, formally known as a 3+1 Transfer Pathway Program, enables students to transition smoothly from their community college to the University, where they can earn a degree that is both affordable and accessible.

The University has signed its latest academic agreement with Northwest Career College, Las Vegas. This exclusive agreement enables affordable transfer pathways for students who complete courses at this college and want to study for their degrees at the University.

University of Phoenix’s Transfer Pathway Agreement

Under the new transfer pathway agreement, students who attend Northwest Career College can now save money on their education by completing the general course requirements of their degrees while at college. They can then finish their bachelor’s degrees in as little as one year at University of Phoenix.

John Woods, Ph.D., the University’s provost and chief academic officer, has described the transfer pathway as a “critical opportunity” for nontraditional learners who must fit their studies around their other commitments.

The pathway agreement makes it possible for these learners to complete their bachelor’s degree programs around demanding schedules, allowing them to prepare for careers in sectors like healthcare, IT, business, criminal justice and psychology.

Meanwhile, by aligning with the University, Northwest Career College can improve accessibility to higher education in its community, especially for students who may find it difficult to pursue a traditional higher education.

Like the University’s students, many of the college’s students are working adults who must balance their studies with work and childcare commitments. Now, these students can sign up to study more affordable degrees.

“We appreciate University of Phoenix for putting students first and helping every student feel like they can afford to continue investing in their education and themselves,” Jillian Lopez, director of strategic partnerships at Northwest Career College, said.

Practical Higher-Level Degree Programs

Under the new agreement, college students can pursue bachelor’s degree programs in subjects like Health Management, Nursing, Business and Information Technology.

Instructors who have first-hand experience in these industries teach University of Phoenix’s degree programs. These instructors help students gain real-world skills for their desired careers. Students can also collect digital badges to demonstrate their career-ready skills.

The University dedicates itself to aligning student career pathways and skills acquisition with current workforce needs. This way, the University can help students develop and shape the skills that workplaces really need.

Saving Money on University of Phoenix Degrees

Students who progress from Northwest Career College to University of Phoenix can transfer up to 87 credits toward their bachelor’s degrees. Students who transfer 87 credits only need to earn an additional 33 credits to graduate.

These students must work through 11 classes to complete their bachelor’s degrees and can graduate in as few as 14 months. They can study one course at a time in five-week increments at the University, which starts new courses each month.

To offer additional support to students, the University waives tuition fees for each student’s first course. As a result, students can save $1,220. The University then offers an associate degree transfer tuition rate for the remainder of the students’ courses, allowing them to save $144 per course (or $1,584 for 11 courses), totaling at a savings of $2,804.

It isn’t only Northwest Career College students who can benefit from this agreement. The college’s employees can benefit from the agreement, too. Employees can sign up to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at University of Phoenix, and the University will waive tuition on the sixth course when they complete their first five courses within 365 days.

Earning College Credit for Previous Learning Experiences

University of Phoenix’s generous transfer policies offer a supportive transfer pathway to students, who can use eligible credits to cover nearly three-quarters of their bachelor’s degrees.

The University allows students to earn college credit for their previous learning experiences. Students who demonstrate learning that they have gained from work and life experience may receive credits that can count toward a degree.

Students can submit evidence of workplace certifications, on-the-job training, military service and other life experiences to be evaluated for potential credit. Securing these extra credits can help students save even more money and graduate faster. And the University doesn’t charge students to assess credit for prior learning.

University of Phoenix’s Transfer Pathway Agreements Across the U.S.

University of Phoenix improves accessibility to degree programs nationwide by entering into agreements with a variety of colleges. The University’s agreement with Northwest Career College is just one of the college education service agreements that it has entered into with colleges across the U.S.

These colleges include Metropolitan Community College, Casper College, Tarrant County College District, State Center Community College District, Maricopa Community Colleges, Joliet Junior College, Houston Community College System, El Camino Community College, Dallas County College District, the College of Western Idaho, the College of Southern Nevada, and Bergen Community College.

Learn more about how University of Phoenix can help college students save on their bachelor’s degrees.

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