What makes Wow the best option for you?

If you live in the mid-western region of the US, you must have heard of Wow cable TV. Wow is not only a cable service provider. Wow also provides Internet and phone connection to its users. The name WOW Is an acronym for wide open west. Most of the customers who have availed of Wow services have mentioned that Wow is the best option currently available in the market.

Wow is best known for its unlimited data policy, no extra modem charges, and, finally, extremely affordable bundle plans.

Why should you opt for Wow?

  • Wow does not put a data cap on Internet users.
  • You will be availing over the average maximum speeds in your Internet connection
  • The bundle plans in the case of Wow are very affordable.

Why should you not opt for Wow?

Current customers have a lot of mixed reviews.

  • Wow has limited availability. Currently, it’s only available in certain states of the USA.
  • If you wish to avail the best prices of Wow, you will have to opt for either the one-year agreement or the two years agreement.
  • Suppose you decide to terminate your contract before the agreement is up; you may have to pay up to $345 if you are enrolled in the 24-month plan.

Internet TV and phone plans

Wow is known for being more friendly on the wallet compared to the other Internet service providers currently available in the market. They have also rated higher customer ratings. Wow was the first company that got rid of the data caps in the case of Internet connection. Wow also offers noncontractual options. This means that you can avail of Wow services on a month-to-month basis. If you wish to change your cable or Internet subscriber, you can leave now without paying a termination fee. Along with the services mentioned above, Wow also offers its customers online voicemail management, email, and other security features like the F secure firewall and antivirus program.

Availability of Wow

Currently, Wow is available in some mid-sized and certain major cities across the South and Midwest region of the US.

Network technology

Wow mainly delivers high-speed Internet to its customers using coaxial cable delivery technology. The Internet and the cable TV are delivered over the same cable line. However, in certain areas, Wow is rolling out fiber networks. The cable service that is available with Wow is mainly fiber-coaxial hybrid. This means that the data travels over a fiber network to the neighborhood before it gets switched over to a copper wire connection used in the TV connection infrastructure. The primary advantage of opting for the cable system rather than opting for the fiber-to-home network is that this network can piggyback on the already existing TV networks. Thus, Wow can save up on putting the cable lines to provide the services to its users by using the already existing lines. This is why, Wow can offer cheap services.

In the case of the fiber network connection, extensive installations are required at home and the office level where the fiber lines will be connected. Along with this, the fiber networks have to be laid out, which means a lot of underground work as well.

Installation fee options

Wow does charge a specific installation fee. However, some customers had mentioned that they were able to negotiate the price down when they were signing the contract. A lot of times, when the local promotions are going on, the installation fee is waived off. Thus, if you are looking to get Wow TV and Internet installed in your home, make sure that you discuss the installation fee before you sign the contract agreement. The company also offers next-day installation in certain areas and if the Internet is needed on an emergency basis. The installation fee ranges from $20 to $50. If you decide to move houses, your installation fee would be free. However, at the moment, self-installation options are not on the table.

Equipment options in Wow

Like the other cable companies, Wow prefers to rent out its routers to the customers. The fees of the router will vary depending on the equipment and the device that is being rented. If you opt to go for the ultra-gateway along with two media players, it will cost you $25. Alternatively, if you choose to go for the wireless modem, it will cost you $10 per month.

With the availability of a 30-day money-back guarantee option, month to month plan, no termination fee, and the absence of data caps, Wow has placed itself in the big players of the Internet industry. Despite being a small provider, Wow provides quality services to its customers. If you are planning to change your Internet service provider, make sure to check out Wow.

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