How To Make A Free Website? Self-Help Guide!

With the increasing use of technology and emerging digital market, building up a website for free is pretty much easy. While kost of the e-commerce website designing and shopping websites have always been a costly process, with the passage of time it has become an easy and pocket friendly task.

If you are wondering on how to make a free website, it’s to learn the art and keep up with building the website on your own. Here are some ideas to begin with your journey.

Get a domain and theme for the website

Domain and theme purchase is the only expense you might have to make when you are designing a website on your own. While some domains are available for pennies others cost a lot. To make a website in as low price as free, buy a domain that is very low priced. The themes too are available in several variants from free hosted ones to highly pricy. Select from the free themes to make it the least costly to you.

Customize your website on your own

After you have successfully applied a theme to your website, its time to get creative and customize your website as per the needs. Start listing out the features you would like on your website, the colours, font, graphics and more that would come together perfectly for a great experience.

Get the royalty free pictures

Pictures are essential to communicate with the visitors in a comprehensive manner. When you are low on budget shooting for creative pictures or even buying off the web isnt something you can go for. There are a lot of royalty free websites offering pictures to use for free. Pick up images from these picture banks to add a colourful touch to your website.

Add self-created content

Instead of hiring a content creator or marketing expert, go with your instincts where the content is concerned. Opt to write the blogs by yourself or describe the product on the website on your own to save from the expenses.

Add free plug-ins where necessary

There are a lot of plug-ins for websites that are available absolutely free. Take a chance at digging at the gallery to find the most suitable ones based on your needs. From adding galleries, social media content, hosting videos to even sharing e-kart or other facilities – plug-ins for free can make your website truly look like professional.

Pick up free themes, plug-ins, tools and technology from the web to customize and design your website. It’s a creative process to learn and build website for free.

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